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sunday, may 29,22





salon instagram vs. stylist instagram

I don’t know what salon owner needs to hear this, but your salon’s Instagram account does not and should not equal or mimic your stylist portfolio. In the 4 years I have been running my business, the number one mistake salon owners make when it comes to their salon’s Instagram account is that they showcase […]

The Rules of Hashtags

Hashtags. Something so simple, so useful, so powerful, and yet so confusing.  Are you supposed to put your hashtags in your caption or in the comments? How many should I use? How can I grow my following? These are all questions I get asked at least once a week, if not once a day. First of […]


Instagram Stories and Your Business E-Course

The Buzzing Blonde is so excited to announce the launch of its E-course! The ultimate mission of The Buzzing Blonde is to help creative business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to use the power of social media to grow their following, connect with their dream customers, and to ultimately make more money. This E-course will […]


6 Design Apps to Make Your IG Stories More Engaging & Aesthetically Pleasing

Every small business can post Instagram Stories but not every business knows how to make their stories engaging or aesthetically pleasing. Making your stories on brand and engaging will allow you to expand your audience and invite people into your profile. Here are six of my go-to apps when creating fun, aesthetically pleasing stories for […]

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4 reasons Your Business Needs to Be on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an important aspect of your brand’s Instagram. Your stories promote engagement with your following and allow for you and your brand to show authenticity. If you currently just post on your Instagram Feed but want to engage more with your audience or grow your following, you should be posting on your Instagram […]


Instagram Feed vs. Instagram Stories

Two of the main questions The Buzzing Blonde gets asked is “What should I post on my Instagram Stories?” and “How are Instagram Stories different than my Instagram Feed?” Here’s a good way to think about it: your Instagram Feed is the featured motion picture and your Instagram Stories are the highlight reel and credits.  […]


5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Using Pinterest

Q: “How do I grow my Instagram following?” This is a question I get asked constantly! Although I try and remind people the number of followers you have shouldn’t matter, the truth is…at the end of the day people do look at your following. When it comes to businesses and brands, it seems the more […]

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14 Ways to Make Your Business’s Instagram Stories Stand Out

    One of the biggest mistakes I see small businesses continue to make is not being on stories, or if they are using their stories there is no strategy. They will share their newest post to their stories and then leave. why should you post to instagram stories? Your stories are what lead people […]