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sunday, may 29,22


Instagram Feed vs. Instagram Stories

Two of the main questions The Buzzing Blonde gets asked is “What should I post on my Instagram Stories?” and “How are Instagram Stories different than my Instagram Feed?” Here’s a good way to think about it: your Instagram Feed is the featured motion picture and your Instagram Stories are the highlight reel and credits. 

Before posting ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish through this post. There are five main differentiators between your Instagram Feed and your Instagram Stories that can also help you decide where to place your post. 

Reach vs. Engagement

The first difference between your Instagram Feed and your Instagram Stories is that your feed is ideal for reach. With each post you want to expand your following and invite in potential customers. On the other hand, your Instagram Stories are ideal for engagement. With each story you want to engage your following by using various tips and techniques such as questions, polls, hashtags, gifs, and stickers. To learn more about making your Instagram Stories stand out, check out this blog post!


Posting On a Schedule vs. Every day

The second difference between these features is that posting on your Instagram Feed will vary. You want posts on your feed to be meaningful and in line with your content calendar. With Instagram Stories you want to be posting every day. Posting stories every day will lead people to your profile and will allow them to engage with your brand. 



Curated vs. Authentic

Another difference is that your Instagram Feed should be curated, and your Instagram Stories should be authentic. Your Instagram Feed should be planned and presented in a way that allows people to follow and explore your brand. Your Instagram Stories should be authentic to you and your brand. This allows people to be introduced to your brand as well as make it humanized and personal. 


Forever vs. 24 Hours

The fourth difference between these features is the amount of time that the post can be seen for. For example, on your Instagram Feed, posts last forever. This means that people can look through all of the posts on your feed at any time. With Instagram Stories, each story on your profile only lasts for 24 hours and then they disappear. However, within that 24 hours anyone can view your stories.

If you want your stories to last longer than 24 hours, you can always add the story to the Highlight feature in Instagram. The Highlight feature acts as a pin, allowing you to place the story into a Highlight where it will be displayed on your Instagram profile. You can customize the Highlight name and cover to add a custom image or an icon that will represent the topic of what is in that Highlight.



“Official” vs. “Unofficial” Brand

Finally, the last main difference between the two features is that your Instagram Feed should represent your “official” brand and your Instagram Stories should represent your “unofficial” brand. Throughout your Instagram Feed you want to showcase you and your brand’s values and what makes you unique. You also want your posts on your feed to have meaning as they stay on your feed forever. On the other hand, with Instagram Stories you want to highlight your brand while also staying authentic. Ultimately, Instagram Stories can help promote engagement with your “unofficial” brand. 


Importance of Both Your Instagram Feed and Your Instagram Stories

Both your Instagram Feed and your Instagram Stories are important aspects of your social media presence and it is imperative to keep both of them up to date. I believe that if you think about what you are looking to post and what you want to accomplish with the post, then look at these differences, you can determine where to post the desired content. 

Still unclear about what you should be posting on your Instagram Feed versus your Instagram Stories? Be sure to sign up for my “Instagram Stories and Your Business” E-Course launching 6.5.20!



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