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10 places to find the best content ideas

As a beauty professional you carry many titles: hair stylist, eyelash technician, eyebrow artist, waxing specialist, makeup artist, or masseuse. Moreover you also carry titles such as: salon owner, bookkeeper, accounts payable, therapist, salon manager, and more recently social media manager. But what is a social media manager? What does a social media manager do? […]

100 Holiday Hashtags

The holidays are coming early to the hive, and I want to spread the holiday cheer by sharing 100 holiday hashtags to get your holiday juices flowing! It’s no secret that the holidays are going to be 10x more special this year. Whether we are able to celebrate with loved ones 6 ft apart or […]


6 Design Apps to Make Your IG Stories More Engaging & Aesthetically Pleasing

Every small business can post Instagram Stories but not every business knows how to make their stories engaging or aesthetically pleasing. Making your stories on brand and engaging will allow you to expand your audience and invite people into your profile. Here are six of my go-to apps when creating fun, aesthetically pleasing stories for […]

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What Social Media Platforms should Your Business Be On?

  We all know, or at least I hope you know, your business needs to be on social media. But which social media platforms your business needs to be on can still be a little unclear. However, it doesn’t need to be on every social media platform.  When you are choosing which social media platforms […]


10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Almost every successful entrepreneur has failed. Some have been fired and some have been told “That will never work”. If you are thinking of quitting your side hustle, think again. Did you know Nike was actually Phil Knight’s side hustle for more than five years? What if he decided to throw the towel in? What if Marc Randolph never would have stepped down from being Netflix’s CEO?