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sunday, may 29,22


10 Reasons Your Business NEEDS to be on Pinterest


When Pinterest first launched back in January of 2010, people were using the platform to plan their dream home, dream closet, dream wedding and dream body; business owners were still trying to understand how to use Twitter to grow their businesses. Fast forward to 2020 and people are still using Pinterest as a productivity tool for planning their dreams however, business owners realizing it’s time to learn how to grow their business on yet another social media platform.



Out of all the misconceptions about Pinterest, the one I often find to be true is that small business owners don’t have enough time to run yet another social media platform. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a Pinterest account. It means you just found another reason to outsource your social media management.


Misconceptions About Pinterest

1. Only women are on Pinterest

2. People only pin food and wedding content

3. My target audience isn’t on Pinterest

4. I don’t have time for another social network


  1. Pinterest is the fastest growing website by overall member growth

  2. 175 million people are active on Pinterest

    One hundred and seventy-five MILLION people. You’re telling me, your super niche, ideal client isn’t on Pinterest?! Wrong. My boyfriend, who LOATHES social media, has a Pinterest account. What does he pin? What everyone else is pinning: recipes, fashion, DIY ideas, hopefully engagement rings.

    Pinterest isn’t just for mommy bloggers. In fact, 40% of US dads use Pinterest.

  3. Pinterest drives traffic

    Pinterest is a visual search engine. What does that mean? Pinterest technically isn’t a social media platform. Pinterest’s algorithm cares more about keywords than the number of followers you have. Every pin has to have a link. Typically you want to link the pin back to your website. Think about how many visitors you can bring to your website by posting pictures of your products! Not to mention, the average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes…think about how much time they would spend exploring your website!

  4. Most people use Pinterest as much as Instagram

    It’s no secret that millennials like to research your businesses Instagram account or Facebook page before they make reservations at your restaurant, or schedule a haircut with you. The same is true for your Pinterest account. In fact, 67% of Pinners consult Pins on their phones while shopping in stores.

  5. Half of Pinterest users make $50K+

    Pinners = planners. Planners = spenders. It’s as simple as that.

  6. Pinterest has the longest lifespan

    When something is posted there is a period of time before it gets lost in the masses of content uploaded every minute. When should you post to Pinterest? Every day. How often should you post to Pinterest? The more pins the better! Pinterest recommends pinning at least 10 pins a day.

    Twitter: 18 minutes

    Facebook: 5 hours

    Instagram: 21 hours

    LinkedIn: 24 hours

    YouTube: 20 days

    Pinterest: 3-6 month

  7. Pinterest converts browsers into buyers

    More than 98% of Pinners have tried things they find on Pinterest, and 83% have made purchases based on-brand content. Why? Well because people tend to turn to Pinterest when they are in the research phase of their planning. Whether they are planning a trip, how to DIY their bathroom, tomorrow nights dinner, or how to lose weight; people are always planning. See reason #5.

  8. Pinterest Lens

    Aka the future of online shopping. Think of Pinterest Lens as the Shazam of online shopping. Pinterest Lens allows you to take a picture of something and find related content on Pinterest.

  9. Affordable paid ads don’t disappear

    Pins that show a product or service in action are 67% more likely to drive sales!

  10. it’s easier to go viral

    See reason #3.

Still aren’t convinced your business should be on Pinterest? Check out some of these success stories and be sure to join the What to Pin Wednesday Facebook Group! We will share specific reasons and strategies on how to set your business apart from its competitors!


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