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sunday, may 29,22


What to Pin Wednesday


What is What to Pin Wednesday?

What to Pin Wednesday is an Instagram Live series hosted by Brittany from Brittany Savnik LLC and me, The Buzzing Blonde. Every Wednesday Brittany and I will share Pinterest advice and tips on how small business owners can grow their revenue by using Pinterest. Our hope is to eventually turn What to Pin Wednesday into a YouTube series but until we become more comfortable editing video you can watch us every Wednesday night at 8:30 PM (EST).

Meet Brittany



Three words to describe you: creative, girl mom, love to travel

Favorite brands to follow on Pinterest: Simplified, Creative at Heart, Ellie and Piper, and Jordan Lee Dooley

Dream closet would include: a fun like cozy nook for me to read or hideout when this mama needs peace and quiet

Unpopular opinion: I’m not on board with the whole Rachel Hollis craze

Guilty pleasure (s): I love a good chocolate covered strawberry or ice cream

Why we decided to start What to Pin Wednesday

I’ve been following Brittany on Instagram for the past year and a half. When I decided to take on the Buzzing Blonde full-time this year I decided it was time to step up my Pinterest game and I needed someone to hold me accountable! Brittany specialized in Pinterest management and it is my hope to onboard more Pinterest management clients this year. If you are like the majority of business owners wondering why your business needs to be on Pinterest, check out these stats.

Each month Brittany and I will share what to pin, plan and promote on Pinterest along with other Pinterest tips and tricks! We are already half way through March! Have you started planning for April?!

What to pin, plan and promote on Pinterest in march


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