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sunday, may 29,22


8 Pinterest Pin Ideas for Beauty Professionals

A new client walks into your salon…

What’s the first thing they do when they sit down or lay down? 

  1. Start to spill the latest tea

  2. Need an extreme example

  3. Shows me a picture they found on Pinterest

If I had to guess, 9 out of 10 times the first thing a new client does when they show up to your salon for their first appointment, whether it’s a hair appointment or makeup trial, is show you their “inspo” picture from Pinterest. 

You and I both know your current and future customers are on Pinterest and yet, your own beauty business isn’t on Pinterest. Why?!

Common responses I get from beauty professionals include but are not limited to:

  • “My ideal client isn’t on Pinterest”…..no I legit refuse to believe that and I will gladly fight you on this until 

  • “I don’t have time to manage one more social platform”…. okay maybe it’s time to think about outsourcing your social media.

  • “I don’t have a blog”… You don’t need a blog in order to start marketing on Pinterest.

It amazes me at how many beauty professionals still think they need to have a blog post in order to market on Pinterest. Like I said before, most likely the image your client is showing you is not linked to a blog. It is probably linked to another beauty professionals website, which is just one thing you can link your Pinterest pins to, but it is definitely not the only thing you can link/pin as a beauty professional.

In fact, here are 8 more Pinterest Pin ideas you can pin to this month that don’t require creating a business blog (however, I do want to note that creating a blog isn’t a bad idea). After all, you are reading this blog post. The real question is how did you find this blog post? Through my website or a Pinterest pin?

I digress. 

8 Pinterest Pin Ideas for Beauty Professionals

  1. Video Pins

    Just like with every other social media platform out there right now, Pinterest is favoring video content. An easy way to Pin video content is by repurposing your Instagram Reels and TikTok content and pinning it. Just be sure to remove the watermark before posting. If you have already pinned your Reels and TikTok’s and are looking for another way to create video pins be sure to check out Mojo

2. Freebies


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