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sunday, may 29,22


10 Ways to Celebrate Your Customers During Small Business Week

PSA: Your customers know how to support you and your small business. The question is, do you know how to thank your customers for supporting your small business?


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National Small Business Week is May 3-9 and instead of writing about how people can support you and your business, I figured I’d share 10 ways how you can celebrate your customers.


1. Send a personalized Thank You note or email

I was taught at a very young age to always write thank you notes. After every birthday party and after every interview, I always wrote a hand written thank you note. Taking the extra time to thank your customers for all their support with a special note is certain to stand-out, especially in times like these. If you don’t have your customers mailing addresses for whatever reason, send them a thank you email and maybe even share a special discount code for their next purchase.


My hair-dresser Kimber sent me this sweet note after my very first service with her. I have kept the card ever since because I am a card hoarder.


2. Host a virtual Happy Hour with special discounts

I have seen brands like Lele Sadoughi and Alice and Wonder host virtual happy hours once, or twice a week where the founder goes Live on Instagram to chat with their audience. The best part? During the happy hour they announce a product that is 50% off until midnight that night! I have absolutely loved watching these happy hours and seeing how the owners are taking time out of their day to talk with their customers. I have a feeling that even after COVID-19 we will start to see more virtual happy hours like these!

3. Give shout-outs

Look through all the content your customers have tagged your business in over the past couple of years. Instead of posting content you created, why not use their content instead of busting out content of your own for once? As a consumer I can let you know that I feel so special anytime one of my favorite brands reposts one of my pictures #influencerstatus. I can also tell you as a social media manager I have seen first hand how people respond to brands sharing their pictures, liking their pictures, following them back, etc.

4. send a Gift with Purchase

If you are an e-commerce business, this is the example for you! Who doesn’t love getting happy mail? Better yet, who doesn’t love getting a package only to find out you received something extra?! I have seen this example done in one of two ways. The first being, a brand announces to their audience that if they spend X amount they will receive a gift of (insert amount) free of charge. The second way and the way I prefer, because I love surprises, is when a company just sends you something extra without telling you!

5. Follow + Engage with your customers on social media

It still blows my mind to see big brands like Oreo, who have 2.9M followers on Instagram only following 11 people back. What blows my mind even MORE is when I see a small boutiques who has 149K followers only following 8 people back. I’m sorry…what??? To a certain point I can understand why any size business doesn’t want to follow everyone who is following them, but come on. I find it hard to believe that those 11 people Oreo is following, buy Double Stuffed Oreos almost every other day…like some people. I also doubt those 8 people the boutique is following are buying enough clothes to keep the boutique in business.

Please take time to recognize your fans vs. followers and do me a favor and show them some love during Small Business Week.

6. Snacks and light refreshments

If you are a brick and mortar store, this example is for you! Now before you attack me and remind me of COVID-19, hear me out. This is an example you can use once COVID-19 is over and life is back to normal, whatever normal may be. Kendra Scott is the prime example of making her customers feel welcome the second you walk into one of her stores. Why? Because not only are you greeted with friendly faces, but you are greeted with friendly faces + cookies and champagne. The second I walk into a Kendra Scott store I feel like I am a VIP. I wish all brick and mortars made me feel as special as Kendra Scott.

7. Create a VIP Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great way in general to build your community, but they can also be a great way to give sneak peeks, special discounts, and any store announcement or event! Facebook groups are also a great way to build your email lists!

8. Sneak peeks

Why not show your customers a sneak peek of a product or collection you plan on launching this summer?! Get them hyped for when they are able to come shop in your store again, or go out with their friends!

9. New day, new discount

National Small Business Week is only a WEEK. Why not move your inventory by putting certain things you want to move on sale for a day. Imagine the amount of buzz you would create each day!

10. Meet and Greet

Again, if COIVD-19 weren’t a thing, I would be encouraging small business owners to show up in their stores during small business week. You would be surprised at what a difference seeing the owner of a store working in their store means to your customers. You may not think your customers know who you are, but I can promise you, your die hard supporters do and they love seeing your face in the store!

What are some ways you are going to celebrate your customers or small businesses during small business week? Leave your comments below!



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